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USA MSRP:  $26.99 USD

Stock No. ANC-FDH3

Active Noise Canceling bypass harness Ford 32 Pin


This 32-pin active noise canceling bypass harness ensures smooth speaker and subwoofer upgrades in Ford vehicles with ANC audio systems. It maintains proper communication between audio equipment and the ANC system, giving listeners full control over their music without sound distortion, interference, or conflict between devices. Within ANC systems, built-in microphones detect and eliminate background noise in a vehicle but often mistake aftermarket speakers and subwoofer vibrations for interference, creating compatibility issues. Audio system upgrades can also affect a vehicle’s sensitive electronics, causing system errors. Axxess’s ANC bypass harnesses prevent these issues while giving installers more flexibility in their audio system design, as they will no longer have to avoid ANC microphones within the vehicle’s interior. All Axxess products come with full support from Axxess integration professionals, who are available to call for technical support seven days per week.


  • 32-pin active noise canceling bypass harness
  • Fits Ford vehicles with ANC audio systems
  • Enhances sound quality during audio system upgrades
  • Eliminates unwanted ANC interference for complete sound customization
  • Protects vehicle electronics
  • Quality connectors
  • Always check vehicle warranty before altering the audio system to prevent voiding coverage

Visit for more detailed information about the product and up-to-date vehicle specific applications.



  • Escape 2020-2023 Amplified models
  • Expedition 2022-2023 All trims
  • Explorer 2020-2023 With SYNC
  • Mustang 2024-2024 9 & 12 speaker system


  • Aviator 2020-2023 All trims
  • Corsair 2020-2023 All trims
  • Navigator 2022-2023 All trims

Note: refer to installation manual for ANC module location

Visit for more detailed information about the product and up-to-date vehicle specific applications.

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